A fully bespoke programme designed in line with NHS guidance for the support of exercise with residents in a care environment

Activities to include:
⁃ Archery
⁃ Cricket
⁃ Seated exercises
⁃ Seasonal inspired activities
⁃ Throwing and catching exercises
⁃ Group seated exercises
⁃ Seated badminton
⁃Amongst others

What is maverick care?

What we can provide:

how to book:

At Maverick Care we provide a programme that is unique to your care home - no care home has the same needs, and we know that it is important to tailor our activities to those that best suit your residents.


Book a FREE taster session, contact info@mavericksport.co.uk

What makes us different?

We know that we are not merely working in your care home, we are working in your residents homes - and it is important to us that we build positive relationships with residents from the start to ensure they get the most out of our programmes. We;

  • Give all residents opportunities to engage in activities 
  • Encourage the use of exercise and sport
  • Provide affordable and sustainable sessions
  • Ensure consistency of staff
  • Provide CPD for care home staff
  • Build relationships with residents